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In-orbit/SSA services

SpaceAble has pledged to provide the space community with two breakthrough services, backed on a full-fledged SSA solution, to enhance sustainability of Low Earth Orbit operations by an order of magnitude. In terms of preventions, SpaceAble provides the space community with:
1. The commercialization in 2022 of ISSAN, a SSA software solution dedicated to aggregate and process space data including space weather to limit the risk of failures in LEO, and
2. With the test in 2023 of the Orbiter, a low Earth orbit inspector satellite dedicated to complement telemetry and assess in near real time the status of satellites in low Earth Orbit.

In terms of remediation, SpaceAble will provide the space community with a subscription solution to insurance contracts that would cover space debris collection missions for deorbiting debris, faulty satellites or launcher part.

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