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What is the Net Zero Space Initiative?

The Net Zero Space initiative is a multi-stakeholder platform calling to achieve sustainable use of outer space by 2030 by taking concrete actions to mitigate the generation of new orbital debris and remediate existing ones. It especially aims at raising awareness at a political level and in the public at large to better protect Earth’s orbital environment and foster interoperable norms in this regard.

The Paris Peace Forum is an independant organization working to improve global governance through multistakeholder cooperation. It acts as the secretariat of the Net Zero Space initiative, which is an informal coalition of actors committed to ensuring space sustainability through concrete actions. 

What is the relationship between the Net Zero Space initiative and the Paris Peace Forum?

Is the Net Zero Space initiative legally binding?


The Net Zero Space Declaration is a soft law instrument and, as such, supporting it bears no implication under national or international law: it’s merely a political signal in favor of the larger political goal.


The only thing that is required is that supporters provide a “concrete announcement” they wish to put forward in the framework of the initiative. The scope of these actions, of course, varies depending on the field of activity that the entity focuses on, and its reach will also be in accordance with the means of each organization. The idea behind this announcement is to showcase a form of “good practice” that the new supporter is undertaking or intends to undertake that is in line with the larger Net Zero Space goal. Examples of what current supporters have committed to may be found on the “Supporters” tab on this website.

Is a financial contribution required to become a supporter?

Is there a monitoring mechanism to assess compliance with the pledges?


Since the Net Zero Space initiative is exclusively a soft law instrument, we rely on our supports’ engagement to the cause. The initiative stems from the consensus that there is indeed a pressing need to deal with space debris, and the Net Zero Space community is the first to want the awareness raising process to succeed for the continuity of their activities hinges upon the viability of the orbital environment. For these reasons, no compliance mechanism is in place nor planned. 

Should you be interested in supporting the Net Zero Space initiative, here is what you need to know:

  • Support can be formalized by a simple confirmation via e-mail of your willingness to join. You can reach us at

  • As indicated above, the only thing that is required of new supporters is that they provide a “concrete announcement” that they wish to put forward in the framework of the initiative. 

  • Once the concrete engagement determined, the communications strategy to announce the new support is coordinated. To this end, we advise you to foresee to send us the logos of your entity.

I am interested in joining the Net Zero Space initiative. How should I proceed?

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