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Our Activities

In order to meet the ambition of the Net Zero Space initiative and achieve a sustainable use of outer space by 2030, the coalition carries out a series of activities throughout the year. All of them share the same objective: to raise awareness beyond the industry of the need to deal with the problem of orbital debris, while finding concrete, viable and practical solutions before the situation becomes irremediable.


During the year 2022, two Working Groups have been working on advancing substantive policy recommendations to move forward in achieving a sustainable use of outer space. The results of these year-long efforts were presented at the 5th edition of the Paris Peace Forum, coinciding with the first anniversary of the Net Zero Space initiative.

2022 Working Group 1

Fostering Better and More Interoperable Norms: Comparing Existing Binding National Requirements Relating to Space Debris

2022 Working Group 2

Developing a Reference Modelling to Assess Risks of Collision in Orbit

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