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Astralintu Space Technologies


In-orbit/SSA services

Astralintu has pledged to strengthen and continue its efforts towards sustainable development and sustainable use of outer space by increasing climate action, mitigating orbital debris, and building global partnerships to contribute to an inclusive and diverse 'New Space. Astralintu aims to achieve net-zero GHG emissions on its operations by 2050 across all lines of services, including ground tracking and hosted payload services. We will also promote a debris-free orbital environment by:

1. Ensuring 100% of our customers have a deorbit plan revised by our technical team
2. Guaranteeing our operation and partners follow the best international practices on space safety to avoid collision and manage the end of life of our missions.
3. Using our capacities and services to contribute to situational awareness in orbit by hosting payloads and using our ground station network to track space debris.

Moreover, Astralintu will strive to establish collaborations with trusted partners to ensure the inclusion of emerging countries in 'New Space' initiatives and facilitate access to STEM education in partnership with the Sideralis Foundation.

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